Bess McCarty's Mindset Clearing Registration + Bonuses 
So you can get free of fear once and for all, and live the life you are meant to!


The Mindset Clearing worth $4,997 for $1,497
Plus FREE Bonuses valued at $1,796 described below

Are you curious why some people shoot ahead in network marketing?
Would you like to be one of them? 
So you can get free of fear once and for all, and live the life you are meant to!
(This program can only hold so many people,
but if this page is up, there is still room for you! But don't delay! :)

Is it scary to do a Mindset Clearing? "No, because that's where the block was. It had been holding me back for 50 years. THAT is what was scary! "
~ James O'Connell


2 Hour Private Phone Mindset Clearing with Bess 
Find where and how the negative programs were created, and change them to positive programs. Recording included for your study.

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10-12 Support Exercises Created Just for You
12 months of powerful activities to deepen the breakthrough you experienced in the Mindset Clearing, and integrate them in your body, life, and business.

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10 Hours of Powerful Videos for Mind and Heart
Designed to prepare you for your Mindset Clearing with stories & examples to open your mind and heart as you watch. You may learn about programs you thought were "normal".

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A Total of 4 Group Teleclasses 
To prepare you for your Mindset Clearing, and support you afterward. You can be anonymous on these calls if you wish, or participate, or just listen. 

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The Book Claimed Most Powerful for Success
A time-tested book to optimize your success mindset and creative thinking of your new programming.

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If you sign up today, you also receive the following $1,796 of bonuses for FREE so you can deepen your Mindset Clearing experience even more.

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Bess's Self-Coach Process: Real Conversations

Audio, chart, and lessons teach you to break through persistent problems by finidng and meeting the need under them. "... broke through my toughest roadblock ..."

$297 Bonus

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Heart-Selling Video: How to Always Get a YES

You do not get a NO with this method of properly hearing people and asking the right questions. A process developed by Bess and shared with you. Plus a quck start section.

$197 Bonus

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4-Month Membership: MLM Millionaire Club 

Four months of weekly valuable Club Lessons: Minute to Millions, and weekly group teleclasses: 

The MLM Millionaire Mindset
1) Think Like a Top-Earner
2) Behave Like a Top-Earner
3) Life Balance
4) Clear Doubt, Fear, and Negative Money Beliefs

Clear Blocks w/ Real Conversations
1) The 4 Steps of Real Conversations
2) How to Coach Yourself and Your Team
3) Clear Negative Beliefs
4) Overcome Discouragement

Communications Skills
1) Communicate Like a Pro
2)Overcome MLM Stigma
3) How to Deal with Difficult People
4) Body Reading

Working for Yourself
1) Time Management
2) Stress Management
4) Handling the Downside of MLM
4) Holiday Prospecting

$388 Bonus

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How to Overcome the Fear of Speaking

The quickest way to reach more customers, prospects, and distributors is speaking. Public speaking positions you as an authority. ~ Yet, it's the number one fear people have! Even greater than death! Learn how to overcome this fear.

$29 Bonus

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Horse Stance Audio

The Horse Stance is an ancient pose of the Tai Chi and Chi Kung masters, the original Body Mind practitioners of thousands of years ago, that gives true balance, energy, strength, and clarity to body, mind, and emotions.

$15 Bonus

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30 Mindset Audios by Bess

The MLM Millionaire Mindset 
Master Fear and Disappointment
Behave Like a Top-Earner
Master Fear of Success and MLM Stigma
Make a Breakthrough
Caring for yourself
Know and Meet Your Needs
Body Reading 
Much More...

$870 Bonus

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$$$ <<< FREEDOM! >>> $$$ 

* To pursue your dreams and goals!
* To get paid what you're worth!
* To a better life for you and your family!
* To make a difference in the world!

$ Priceless


Leaps 2 Ranks after Mindset Clearing & Challenge

"I was stuck at my rank for 2 years. We all have scars we have not dealt with. Bess flushes all that out of you. Through that Clearing, and Bess’s amazing ability and support, I was able to do my 60 Day Challenge with massive success! I personally recommend Bess McCarty. You deserve it!"  ~ Jacob Rakowski, Houston, Texas


Jumps 2 Ranks after Mindset Clearing & Challenge

“In the first two months on Bess’s Challenge, my income increased 20%, and I’m recruiting more people globally.” ~ Elsebeth Nybroe-Nielsen, Denmark


"I seem to have a golden touch."

“Since  the Mindset Clearing and working with Bess, everything is clicking. It changed my life and how I do business. My team expanded 70%, and the number of active ones more than doubled.  I’m still consistently prospecting with no excuses stopping me. My upline and team are inspired by me.  I’m asked to speak.  I’m now the leader I dreamed of being!” ~ James O’Connell, Haverhill, MA


"My business income has quadrupled!!"

“Bess’s coaching very effectively helped resolve recurring personal life issues so I became free to focus on my business. Better then any psychologist I could imagine. Then we set goals and strategies that marketed my business, increased accountability, and tracked results. It worked tremendously!  Good thing she’s good at being both a business and life coach, since they tie in together.” ~ James Moore, Austin, Texas


Normally $4,997 - Today Only $1,497